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Working on a new animation!

2013-05-14 07:32:10 by JonFever

After my two trolls cartoon animation, I've decided to change my way to animate and made a new style of animation! So I'm working on a new animation called "The Pig", it's a story of a terrorist pigman in the desert ! It takes me a long time for do that, but I hope I can post the animation this week.

Meanwhile, this is a picture of the main character, the terrorist pigman ! It's just a draft, it can be change!

Thanks you for your support !

Working on a new animation!

Oh yeah. I'm happy. I submit my first flash animation today and you like my work.
OK OK, my drawings is really bad. But, I don't care !
Yeah, for me, the animation is not good because "the drawings is good".
For me, the animation is good for his humor, spirit and love.

i'm fuckin crazy.

So, I want create some episodes of THE TROOOOOOOOOOOOOOLL.
And, you know, my english is really bad cause I speak french, yeah.
But I don't care.

I submit my first flash animation !